Modern Harvesting

Modern Harvesting Equipment increases the speed of harvesting and reduces the impact of the labour shortage.

Watch the harvesting innovations at Western Harvest in the video below












Successful Cropping

To back up our successful cropping operation and with the benefit of an engineering background we moved into processing.

The first thing we did was to install low temperature freezers.


Freezer Rooms

This immediately gave us that advantage of being able to lock in the freshness and flavour without having to transport to commercial freezing facilities.

We now have 2 high capacity freezer rooms and are able to either block freeze within 24hrs or overnight free flow freeze.

Urschel Processors

An old friend one day gave us some very sound advice; he said “establish your market and process, and then buy the best equipment available.”

Our research showed us that Urschel, USA, are the ‘global leaders in food cutting technology’ and make the machines that we needed.

We now have three Urschel processors that will slice, dice, or grate anything from carrots, to grapefruit, to rhubarb, to strawberries, to just a about any fruit or vegetable.