Frozen Range

We supply New Zealand grown and packaged frozen fruit and vegetables, of which the blackberries and rhubarb are grown here at Western Harvest. We have a trusted network of growers which enables us to offer a wide range of premium New Zealand products. Our suppliers all adhere to our ethos of sustainable horticulture and up-to-date food safety certification.


Fresh Range

They are “tasty”, “easy”, and furthermore, a time saver! Western Harvest Fresh Pack selection of sliced Rhubarb  and the Rhubarb & Apple Crumble DIY Kit are unique products to New Zealand. You will see them on the shelves in your local supermarket, be it Countdown, Fresh Choice, New World, Pak’nSave, Four Square, or gourmet Food Market stores from mid May to the end of November.


Our Story

Western Harvest was first established in the late 1980’s when the Jones family purchased 16 acres of prime river silt- peat soil mix.

The fashionable fruits of that era were kiwifruit & boysenberries and alongside this we also planted blackberries, passionfruit, strawberries and later, Taylors Gold and Burr Bosc pears, then finally at the request of our Australian customers, rhubarb.


Here at Western Harvest we need a great team of reliable workers to come in and help harvest our blackberry crop in February and March each year.

Food Safety

Western Harvest aims to provide safe, high quality products for our customers by incorporating the highest standards of food safety for all of the products.


Western Harvest adheres closely to strict quality control, traceability, premier customer service, forward planning, staff training, accurate reporting and performance reviews. These principles ensure success and require the commitment and cooperation of both management and staff.

The management and staff of Western Harvest are dedicated to:

  • Achieving and maintaining a New Zealand Food Safety Authority Approved HACCP-based Food Safety Programme,
  • Meeting or exceeding customer satisfaction and expectation.
  • "It is the best vacuum packed fruit I have tasted and I can't wait to be able to buy it again this season"

    Bev. L

    “It’s true, I’ve never seen fruit as good as yours, we use your blackberries and boysenberries and they are the best. “

    Michael T

  • "Your Apple and rhubarb crumble kit is just great and you’re so right to say quick, fresh and healthy LOVE IT"

    Annette. H

    "I could not believe my luck when I saw your bag of chopped up celery in Countdown. Brilliant, I wish I had seen it before. We got sick of buying huge bunches of celery which we only used a portion of and then wasted the rest."

    Ann T