Available in: 1KG IQF, 10 x 1KG IQF, 17KG Block, 180KG Drum

The harvest season is from the end of January through to the middle of April. We are the largest grower in New Zealand and this coming season we expect to harvest over 200 metric tonnes. We allocate our annual production three months before harvest. Please contact us now to secure your supply for the new season.

Rhubarb Sliced or Diced

Available in: 10Kg IQF, 10x1Kg IQF, 12Kg Shatter Pack

We are the largest Rhubarb grower in New Zealand and harvest all year round. We can supply in 12mm sliced or diced to 10 x 10 x 10 mm. Rhubarb adds a dynamic flavour to any food. It has taken a centre role in the food world and has become a favourite for desserts.



We source delicious, plump Blueberries from the central North Island. These are available frozen.



New Zealand is the largest grower in the world of Boysenberries. It is an amazing large sweet hybrid berry. We source our Boysenberries from growers in sunny Nelson. Harvest is late December to late January. We look forward to meeting your needs and requirements for this premium berry.

Carrot Grated or Diced

Available in: 10Kg IQF, 10Kg block frozen

We have the equipment to cut the perfect elliptical profile for traditional grated carrot. This is ideal for the manufacture of carrot cake, carrot muffins, or savoury products. The beauty of frozen carrot is that it is not susceptible to the variability of changing seasons. We can also dice, slice and freeze to your requirements.

Celery Sliced or Diced

Available in: 10Kg block frozen

We wash and dice celery to 10x10x10mm. This product is exceptional to use especially if you are a soup or savoury product manufacturer. We source the latest and highest flavour varieties available.

Kiwifruit Whole Peeled

Available in: 10Kg IQF, 10Kg diced frozen

We have a supplier of premium New Zealand Green Kiwifruit. It is available in whole peeled IQF or frozen diced.

  • “It’s true, I’ve never seen fruit as good as yours, we use your blackberries and boysenberries and they are the best. “

    Michael T

    “I have been working on different products with the team at Western Harvest and to date they have always been on top of their game and been able to supply all our requirements, and continue to go the extra mile to help with all our requirements.”

    Perry A

  • “We have been working with Western Harvest for more than 20 years and have been very happy with the quality of fruit, the level of service and attention to detail.”

    Miranda. W

    "I have always found Western Harvest very professional and pleasant to deal with over the years, also responsive to our sometimes exacting needs."