Sliced Rhubarb

Available in: 450gms

Want to know a bakers secret? Our fresh sliced rhubarb is a quick and easy solution for the busy cook who wants to provide a healthy luscious desert for their family and friends. Why spend precious time cutting and washing rhubarb stalks when you can use our brilliant red, tender and fresh sliced rhubarb with no wastage!

Bunched Rhubarb


AVAILABLE IN : 400gm bunch

Western Harvest’s Rhubarb is picked and shipped daily to bring you the delicious taste of fresh rhubarb. 400gm bunches are convenient and available at most supermarkets – ask for it by name. 

Rhubarb & Apple Crumble Kit

Available in: 600gms (consists of Apple 240gms, Rhubarb 240gms, and Crumble 120gms)

The ‘good old fashioned favourite’ with all the hassle taken out. The complete pack contains fresh sliced rhubarb, peeled & cored apple and a delicious crumble topping. Three easy steps- 12 minutes & it’s done!

Recipes using this product

Loose Rhubarb

AVAILABLE IN 10kg crate

Flavour, colour, size…. its all there in abundance in this premium rhubarb we grow!

  • "I could not believe my luck when I saw your bag of chopped up celery in Countdown. Brilliant, I wish I had seen it before. We got sick of buying huge bunches of celery which we only used a portion of and then wasted the rest."

    Ann T

    "Let me begin by saying what a great product you have in your washed and sliced rhubarb. I have enjoyed this by mixing with apples and either strawberries or raspberries (canned). I then use this as a topping for breakfast cereals, muesli, porridge etc."

    Wal H

  • "Your Apple and rhubarb crumble kit is just great and you’re so right to say quick, fresh and healthy LOVE IT"

    Annette. H